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What Makes a Great Email Client for Mac?
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Though it has been around for a while, the app developers have done an excellent job of keeping it fresh, clean and powerful. The iOS and Mac versions of AirMail provide a uniform experience with its folders and labeling system and overall design of the app.

Many of the features you would come to expect from an email client are included, but there are also some that are unique. An example would be the minimal view which is perfect for users like me who are in their email all day. With the minimal view, your inbox is displayed as a one-column timeline like you would see in something like the Mac Twitter app. Some users are frustrated with the complications they have when trying to move emails into different folders the drag and drop apparently isn't as easy as proposed.

However, it seems that for users who need some help, AirMail's superior customer support is available via web chat. Way to go, Mark and Sarah!

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Polymail is easy to use and has a beautiful interface, making it one of the best mail apps for Mac. It offers numerous features to make your life easier, like snoozing emails to read them later, scheduling emails to automatically be sent later.

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You also get unlimited per-recipient email tracking, to keep you in the know about when and by whom your messages are read. Works with Mac and iOS, and the fact that it's free doesn't hurt. Apple Mail. Hey, who says the stock mail app can't make the list?

Five of the Best Email Apps on iOS

Especially since it was specifically designed to take advantage of macOS High Sierra, Apple Mail is one of the best mail apps for Mac users. If you've been a Mac user for any amount of time, you're likely familiar with the core functionality, but there are some new features to take note of. Tabs are now used more widely throughout macOS Sierra, and Mail is no exception. With the addition of tabs, you can have all of your inboxes from different accounts open at once and just flip back and forth — pretty convenient.

I should say, though, that many users, myself included, aren't thrilled with how convoluted the process is to get additional tabs. Hopefully Apple will address this in an update. Besides tabs, you'll also find full support for Siri, so you can compose new messages, read emails, set reminders, find specific emails and more via voice command. If Apple Mail becomes your preferred app, this is incredibly handy.

For day-to-day email, Inbox by Gmail has become my go-to. Ever since its release in , I have favored the quick management of email messages to Inbox's bigger brother Gmail. Boxy is a standalone email client for Inbox that brings the service outside of your browser and adds a bit more customization and features, making it one of the best mail apps for Mac.

Once you're inside the app, you'll immediately notice the familiar design that looks almost exactly like Inbox. However, if you want to switch things up, you have multiple themes to choose from as well as the option for different font sizes. As you'd expect, you will find all of the features of Inbox by Gmail that you've grown to love such as the inbox bundles, the ability to snooze emails, pin messages and more. The app isn't perfect though. Many users find the file attachment process slightly frustrating.

Spark: My Favorite Mac Email Client

With the omission of a browse-for-file option, you're required to attach your files by dragging and dropping. Sometimes, if your desktop or Finder windows are covered, that requires some fishing and cuts down on your efficiency. Canary is a simple and easy-to-use email app that promises efficiency and security.

Every email you send will have end-to-end encryption, so you never have to worry about privacy or security. That will always happen automatically, so you never need to double check that you've enabled encryption.

The 9 Best Email Clients for Mac

With natural language search, smart filters, algorithmic bulk cleaner, and intelligent typography enhancements, Canary focuses on keeping things organized and easy to find. Inky is the only Mac email app on this that isn't available from the App store, but it is still worthy of its place here. It seems like every other day, there is a major news headline that deals with someone's account being hacked or a security breach at large corporations. If this has motivated you to seek out more online security, Inky is definitely something you should check out. Every email sent through the Inky client is encrypted end-to-end, so the contents of your email cannot be read by anyone else besides the intended recipient.

Additionally, you can send digitally-signed emails with Inky, so the person on the other end can be sure the email came from you. Outside of the security features, Inky comes with other features that help manage your email. You'll find built-in mailboxes similar to what Inbox offers to automatically group incoming messages, and you can also tag new emails for later sorting.

Newton Mail. Just like what you'll find in the iOS counterpart, Newton Mail for Mac comes with a handful of what it calls superchargers to help you master your inbox. Some of the more notable superchargers include read receipts, handoff functionality so you can start an email on iPhone, then finish on your Mac, and the ability to connect your inbox to major productivity services like Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Trello, and more. But as you know the free version includes basic mail tracking, calendar scheduling, read later and undo features. The canary mail is something everyone wants to have on their mac.

The 5 Best Free Email Clients for Mac in

There are several reasons why you can choose this application for your Mac. First of all canary mail application promises effortless one-click encryption that guarantees you that no one can read your mail except you or your recipient. Also offering to snooze incoming emails and track the outgoing with the option to lock other who are trying sneak into your account.

Canary mail is seriously an impressive mail on our list of top Email clients for Mac. This is probably one of the most using mail app in the world. The mail application that ships with MacOS and OS X are solid, Coming with rich feature and ability to eliminate spam, this software is killing one for all of you out there. Optimized to work on Mac, The mail app is trouble free and full-featured.

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It also helps you to handle all your mail in one place with full ease. We all know this name very well. Opera served us all at some point. The Opera email client has a flexible interface that will satisfy your email needs. Opera integrate RSS feeds in this experience. Some may find the message editor lacking a bit of power, and the absence of encrypted email is unfortunate. Opera is designed with visual bookmarks, tab cycling free VPN and customizable shortcuts. Mozilla Thunderbird is full-featured secured and functional client. This is one of the best among top Email clients for Mac.

No one should underestimate Mozilla. The company built sea monkey, the email component of its open-source browser.

Best free email for Macs 12222

It is one of the heavily used mail clients in the world today. It can prevent your mail and help you to detect spam. Airmail 3 is a new mail app with fast performance and intuitive interaction. Airmail is clean and allows you to get your emails without any interruption. Airmail has a beautiful design and offers support for all major email services. So you can choose this one also from our list of top 10 Email clients for Mac.

It can be just a simple email app, or your versatile dashboard boosting your productivity and organizing your life. Phewww… So that was the best top 11 mail clients for Mac. You can have them, Select one out of them and enjoy your mailing experiences on mac. Grab them use them.