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  1. T2: Great movie, great chip
  2. Yes, I bought a Mac Mini (and here's how I spec'd it out) | ZDNet
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  4. Mac mini review—a testament to Apple’s stubbornness

Newer games, such as Portal 2, perform much better with Intel integrated graphics processors. The lower-end mini had no problem playing p video when connected to an HDTV.

It will certainly help if you tend to run many applications simultaneously. When it comes to the Mac mini line, the biggest questions have always focused on options and upgradeability.

T2: Great movie, great chip

As with previous Mac mini models, you bring your own peripherals. To be fair, few people are going to max out their Mac mini with all these options. Walmart offers rare discount on first-party Apple Watch sport bands.

  • New Mac minis deliver serious performance;
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  • Mac Mini goes Sandy Bridge: Specs, details and our thoughts.
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Yes, I bought a Mac Mini (and here's how I spec'd it out) | ZDNet

At a Glance. Whether there will be a second SATA port in one-drive configurations is still unknown but that would leave the option of a 3rd party SSD as a boot drive. The high-end Mini also offers an optional iM 2. All in all, the Mac mini update is a good one. There are several welcome additions to the lineup, such as a discrete GPU.

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  7. The prices are a lot more reasonable now too. Before, it made very little sense to buy Mini because a few hundred more got you an iMac with better specs and IPS panel. The updated Mac mini comes with Lion pre-installed Lion Server in server model and is available from the Apple Online Store with estimated shipping time of 24 hours. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Privacy Policy.

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    Contact Us. It's still annoying that Apple insists on placing all of the ports for its desktops on the back of the computers. It's no surprise at all for longtime Mac users, but PC switchers a group the Mini specifically targets may need to change their behavior. If you were hoping for some kind of reduction here, keep hoping.

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    Delays to high-end Intel CPUs based on the new Broadwell architecture mean that most of the Mini's improvements came to every other Mac in the lineup in , so the box's insides do little to surprise. This Apple document has more information on external display support , but the most important thing you should know is that the Mini does not support multi-stream transport MST displays, meaning that 4K output at 60Hz is impossible.

    The forthcoming DisplayPort 1.

    Apple Mac Mini (2018)

    This document outlines the resolutions and refresh rates supported by various Intel GPUs. Of the other substantive improvements, the GPUs and the improved storage speeds are probably the biggest. It's still probably worth the extra cash if you want the fastest Mini you can get.

    Mac mini review—a testament to Apple’s stubbornness

    The base Mini will score a little differently, but the numbers should be more-or-less the same. Neither of these new integrated GPUs will turn the Mac Mini into a gaming machine, but they bring the kind of improvements we'd expect in a generational jump. The Iris further improves those numbers, beating the HD by 98 percent in the T-Rex test and about 45 percent in the Cinebench test.

    Scores in the heavier GFXBench Manhattan test improve as well, though by a much smaller margin—obviously the amount you stand to gain will vary from game to game and task to task.