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I have the minimum set for 15fps.

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Fog would occur below that but I have yet to see any. There are various other websites for adding other aircraft to X-Plane tho it already has a lot. Not all are free and not all work with v8 of X-Plane. All are much more detailed than the X-Plane v8 scenery and the X-Plane author encourages the work.

Sometimes the aircraft or scenery are built for a certain version of v8 and may or may not work with 8. Just have to try and see. Yesterday I used the beta installer for 8. This time instead of creating a separate folder, trashed the separate RC2 folder, I just pointed the installer app to the 8.

X-Plane - Codex Gamicus - Humanity's collective gaming knowledge at your fingertips.

The app spent less than a minute deciding what it needed to install for the update and then began the 4 streams download and updated everything to 8. Very slick and fast. The visual approach is VERY busy because you gotta get everything configured, gear and flaps down, slowed way down, and get down to the runway and land without blowing a tire.

The autobrakes still seem too sensitive even with autobrakes set to minimum selection and will almost always cause a tire to blow so I've been landing with autobrakes disarmed and then manually apply them after reverse thrust. All these with keyboard commands or with cursor moving the actual item on the panels.

But the huge number of improvements in 8. There is a beta-1 out for 8. It boasts several new features, the main one being it works very speedy on Intel Macs. X-Plane is going thru betas of v8. Last night I ran the beta on approaches to SFO 28R and the scenery cranked up more than before is breathtaking at fps. This morning in daylight, fps.

Nobody understood it. Everybody kept dropping anchor and then wondering why they could not move their seaplanes, and the planes pulled to the side as if This feature was nothing but trouble. It's now GONE. I'm on beta-5 now.

X-Plane 10 for Mac

Working good. Someone on the Xplane Tech Forum I receive emails everytime there are 25 entries asked about locations of long runways 20, feet or more. So I went over there and shot an approach to 31L which is currently 27, feet long. Here is a screenshot at ' above the airport which is at ' MSL. The shot shows the blue lights of taxiways and aprons. I taxied around to see if there were any buildings depicted, none. This is what does show k.

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The folder is about 9. The bells and whistles scenery were left at default as was resolution at x my G5 I run at x Xplane window. It was using Trying to go beyond those two, Xplane complained and pushed back some settings.

Good scenery if somewhat muddied, definitely flyable but a MB would make a world of difference. On my G5, one of the last betas before the current final v8. Here is what it looked like at about 7nm from the end of the runway dumbed down for the web: k. From Austin the owner and programmer:. Been running version 8. I have a number of custom resource files on 8. During launch X-Plane looks at everything and will report any problems and quit which is what it did with beta Right after that experience, received an email from the author that the 8.

He was just a little too late for me. I tried dragging the 8. Finder got almost all the way thru the copy when a window appeared that a resource file was not able to be copied and the copying stopped. OK, I trashed all of what it did copy. That worked just fine, just took a long time, and it reported no errors in the Errors window. I have not tried SuperDuper for restoring a folder yet.

X-Plane - 8. I'm going to wait awhile on these betas. Gone are the quilted patchwork of different terrains and jagged contours, replaced by more natural-looking scenery.

X-Plane NMEA/Garmin GPS Converter

Mountains and valleys look as they should for the most part. Realistic simulation is a cornerstone of the X-Plane design philosophy, so you can also plot out weather patterns and even download weather real-time from the Internet, simulate system failures to test out your piloting skills under adverse conditions and much more. X-Plane maps out the locations of 18, airports, and you can even take off and land from aircraft carriers at sea, if you wish.

And you can even take your flying to the surface of the planet Mars, thanks to terrain information provided by the Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter. X-Plane simulates the sounds of engine and other mechanical noise like the muffled thump of landing gear being stowed after take off, for example , which helps to round out the realism. But getting to understand and appreciate the complexities of the X-Plane interface is quite daunting.