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How to Bulk Move a Group of Emails from Junk to Inbox in Mail for Mac
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Now, with your Contacts group set up, launch the Mail app. Create a new email message and place your cursor in the To field. Press Return on your keyboard to complete the autofill or confirm the group name. By default, Mail will display the name of your group, as shown in the screenshots above. They did not. The only thing you never want a program like this to do is actually send your existing list the same email times. I would steer clear. I emailed the developer and I guess they had no interest in addressing this issue hoping I will go away.

Well, I'm gone.

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Don't take a chance with this software. It will hurt your business. It was pretty easy to figure out, without going to any documentation. I had a list of 4, email addresses I wanted to send to, with some photos, and it was easy to write up my email, add photos, import the email addresses, and send. The best part was that is worked flawlessly with my EIMS email server.

I tried another program which was cheaper, but didn't work well with my email server and had a hard time incorporating jpgs into my email. Been using since 4. Plus, VERY responsive tech support--resolved a reported bug within a day and posted a new version immediately. What a piece of buggy junk. There are so many bugs its hard to count. The main one being that it will not retain formatting when you try to use stylized text to create an email in this program.

Every time you save, close and re-open your file - it comes up with different formatting. What was centered is now left justified. What was left justified is now centered. Maddening and useless. I've been using MBM for several years to send monthly mailings to lists of subscribers.

It's horrendously slow to send, but the mailings look great, so I consider it to serve the purpose well.

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However, I was just going through and removing bounced addresses, when I managed to accidentally delete three of my lists. Their tech support which replied in a day, to their credit , said the files are "removed from the system", and I believe them, as two separate file recovery programs had absolutely no luck.

Why not move the files to the trash instead? I don't know. Obviously I'm stupid for not backing the files up before messing with them, but I'd been doing it for years with no worries. But I still can't believe the program could perform a task so horribly drastic that unbelievably easily and deliberately. Three years of collected addresses down the tubes in a matter of seconds. So if you use it, back up your list files. I've been using this to send good looking HTML emails to our database and couldn't sing higher praises for this software.


Archive messages in Outlook for Mac

This product just works. Questions were answered almost immediately from the developers when I had one.

How to Move a Single Email from Junk to Inbox on Mail for Mac

In some older versions of Mail the advanced Junk mail rules were listed as just one of the rules. In the more recent versions of Mail that rule does not appear along with the user specified rules. As for Yahoo they are putting the junk in the junk folder before it gets to you not after as is the case with your mail. I have no explanation for why something might have changed on your system, but it does happen — to me it seemed to happen in more often older versions of OS X than it does in El Capitan, but that is strictly anecdotal and I cannot substantiate it.

I looked at all your instructions and everything is already as you say to do it. Also, some how junk mail and Bulk mail is different in Yahoo or actually on my computer as it has affected all my accounts. The usual bulk mail that is automatically put in the Bulk folder doesn't come in anymore. I do get the occasional spam in my inbox which I relegate to the Junk folder.

When I look at the Yahoo Mail site, there are a lot of items in the spam folder that I have never received into my mail program.

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  • At this point, I am keeping that Yahoo Mail site tab open and check the spam folder periodically throughout the day so I can catch anything that doesn't belong in it. It's a slight pain but better than missing something important. Hi: The bulk folder is not unique to Yahoo.

    In fact Yahoo doesn't have a bulk folder on it's site nor a junk folder. That is strictly Mac stuff. Yahoo just has a "spam" folder which usually dumps into my bulk folder. On my Mac mail program, however, I have bulk folders for all of my accounts which I didn't put there. I also have junk folders which I didn't put there. I've never synced my mail because I didn't know exactly what it meant and was afraid if I didn't like what it did, I couldn't unsync it. If you can tell me how to unsync them, I will try syncing them and see what happens.

    What is bulk mail - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at cribmargtranlo.cf

    I've never done it before so I am not sure what really went wrong in my mail program. I know I've seen something that says synch but at this moment I can't find it. Fortunately, deleting them on my Mac also deletes them on the various IMAP servers in replying to this thread, I found a couple of Mail rules I forgot I had created and are no longer needed so thanks for prompting me to clean house Wow!

    Well since I have bulk folders and junk folders for everything I assumed it was a Mac thing. I've had them forever over three years since I bought my Macbook Pro. So, I have no idea what I may have done to cause this. I will attempt to synch my mail boxes and see what happens.

    How to Move eMail from Junk to Inbox on Mail for Mac

    Crossing my fingers. Thanks, and I'm glad I could help you declutter. Fortunately, deleting them on my Mac also deletes them on the various IMAP servers in replying to this thread, I found a couple of Mail rules I forgot I had created and are no longer needed so thanks for prompting me to clean house I can't believe I forgot to do this back when we were talking about this, but I finally synchronized my mail today and it worked!! Nothing went into my bulk folder like before, but all spam went into junk.

    I no longer have to go to Yahoo each day and check spam. Thanks so much. Previous Topic. Next Topic. Print Topic. Switch to Threaded Mode. View profile.