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Click that and you will see the various Go Tools settings:. Note that it opens up a settings. Let us now validate our Visual Studio Code editor. Assuming that you have launched Visual Studio Code, the first step to do is to add a Project folder. You can take any existing project, but I suggest you make a new folder in your sources folder.

Name it main. The other interesting thing is the integrated debugger in Visual Studio Code. Go ahead and install delve first. The instructions are provided over here. Once you have that setup, simply go ahead and click in the space before the line number that you want to place a breakpoint on. Next click on the Debug Play icon in the left side top bar and the process breaks at the line where you have placed your breakpoint. You can check the stack, watch a variable or two and even check on the current values of the variables.

It contains a ton of information on the Extension and also talks about various features and which tools it uses to provide you this feature. For e. It is likely that you might not have all those tools and you might see a message in the status bar below that says that some tools are missing. Simply click on that to enable the tools to be downloaded. Go ahead, give it a try and see what you discover! I was also a little bit proud of my keyboard prowess and not at all ready to give that up.

VS Code has something called Keymaps. These are extensions that map all of its shortcuts well, almost all to other editors.

Introductory Videos

There are keymaps for all of the popular editors including Sublime, Atom, Emacs and even Eclipse! I should note that I have since removed the Sublime Keymap. After enough use, I was able to re-wire my brain to go with VS Code shortcuts as they come out of the box. Think of the keymaps as training wheels: With the Settings Sync extension , you can export all of your VS Code settings to a Gist, and then pull them all down from another VS Code installation and have them immediately applied.

This is also a good way to share your configuration with colleagues. Just send them the ID to your Gist, and they can synchronize all of your settings to their install. Some shops keep a central gist, and all new developers to the team can get the exact configuration with one simple command. Emmet is a popular expansion tool for markup and CSS that has been around for quite some time. However, I meet people almost every day who have either not heard of it, or they are new to development and are just learning about it.

Emmet is baked into VS Code, so there is no extra effort required to get it running. By default VS Code will even show you a preview of the upcoming Emmet expansion. Emmet can also be used in markdown, JSX and. Another neat feature of Emmet that was new to me is the ability for Emmet to automatically provide image width and height just by looking at the image file linked in the src. It also works with both images hosted locally in the project and images on other URLs. While Emmet takes care of productivity in markup and CSS, VS Code itself provides code completion in the form of intellisense; and it works in places that you might not expect.

Intellisense is a rather well-known editor feature but is primarily thought of only inside of code files. You will see this if you add any settings to your User Preferences file. VS Code provides intellisense for package. No problem! VS Code will look at npm and return the most recent version in the intellisense. However, I find myself doing it from time to time for some odd reason or another, and having to look up the package version was always a giant pain for me.

One less thing I have to guess at. Remember that great TypeScript integration I told you about earlier? One of the little-known tricks is that you can use the TypeScript compiler to check plain JavaScript files as well.

If you want to control specific checking features of TypeScript, just drop a. Prettier is a wonderful open-source code formatting tool. It is widely used by teams and individuals to make sure that coding styles are universal across projects and developers.

vscode tasks - How do I set up Visual Studio Code to compile C++ code? - Stack Overflow

It automatically reformats your code to match some defined standards, such as which column to wrap code on, how to format promises and whether to use single or double quotes. Once installed, you will see Prettier in the taskbar for any file that Prettier knows how to format. A neat trick here and shown in the above video is to set VS Code to auto-format on save. This will invoke Prettier whenever the file is saved. Prettier settings can also be tweaked from the User Preferences file.

Look at how pretty your code is now! Thanks to the terminal options in VS Code, you might not ever have to! You may have noticed from the video above that VS Code has an integrated terminal. Multiple terminal sessions can be opened and will appear in the dropdown list at the top right of the terminal window. I have had a hard time breaking my habit on the built-in terminal on Mac.

Silly terminal tricks aside, one of the most important things that a developer can do to increase their productivity is to simply collaborate with other developers. We do this all the time. Some of us are lucky enough to sit next to each other.

Getting started

Some of us do it via Skype. No matter how you pair program, VS Code has just added a feature that is likely going to change the way you think about how you collaborate. It allows multiple developers to pair on a project instantly. Other developers can load up your project in their editor immediately and see your cursor in real time without having to configure anything on their end.

This also works for debugging.

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