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The killer feature for me is to hide windows that are not on my current desktop. I drew inspiration from HyperSwitch. Unfortunately, it is no longer maintained and is not free or OSS software, so I couldn't take over. It's one of those projects where I'm guessing the author is making no money and could release the code without any loss.

He just probably forgot about it, unfortunately. I applaud this, I really do. I'm also worried about HyperSwitch. When I converted to OSX half a decade ago, coming from Windows, this was the one app which I needed to be able to say "I can use this machine". I can't comprehend how people otherwise can organize their things; it's just not my thing.

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Also Tilde-Tab is the killer; Windows really missed out here. I looking for a replacement for the same reason: the uncertainty of the future of this app. The author seems to keep it alive, but it has or had? I tried contact the author to throw money at it, to make sure I can have this as long as I use OSX, but he didn't really respond to that.

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I want to quickly use this. Basically I configured HS to be instant, no delay. And in practice they work amazingly well for me. Tile-Tab is when I strictly need to jump between in-app windows. CMD-Tab can do both, in fact. Jump between apps or within the same apps window.

Anyway, this was on my mind for some time and there was nothing where I could mention it to similar thinking people so I already apologize if this seems inappropriate as a feedback for the hard work you put into it! No worries, I appreciate your enthusiasm! PunksATawnyFill 19 days ago.

8 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time (and Frustration)

The difference is that Windows apps are far less likely to be a mess of floating windows than Mac apps are. For me with six different Chrome profiles, multiple Outlook windows, IDEs and messengers this is useless, as I often have to work in profile 1, then go to app 2 and then to chrome profile 3 - with hyperswitch it's simple, alt-tab until I hit the window I need. I don't use Mac, but do use Windows. Is it not the same? Despite the readme "Fast"! Mission Control is instantaneous, and this takes seconds to display. It also doesn't seem to support any form of drag-n-drop, which is IMHO the huge advantage of the Mac's command-tab and Mission Control.

I can drag anything to anywhere, even if I'm not seeing its eventual target yet. The behavior of alt-tab on windows is also: if you press fast within ms you don't get a UI but the switch will happen. Taking that into account, does the UI display after a delay significantly longer than ms?

Please open a ticket if it does, with your hardware specs. There are 2 tickets opened currently for these 2 things. Hopefully they get implemented soon. This may have been different on previous versions.

How to Switch Between Open Apps in macOS

XP and 98SE I just started a VM to check also don't have any delay, so I suspect that those who are seeing one are just experiencing some natural sluggishness rather than a deliberate delay. Indeed I tried and even though I can get a switch without any frame of UI showing, it is very hard to press and release fast enough. It's not a delay like I implemented, but most likely the UI being terminated before the next frame, so nothing shows.

Could you possibly open a ticket for this performance issue? If you attach OS version, hardware specs, system load, it may be possible to reproduce and get to the bottom of this. I worked a lot on the thumbnail generation which was making the app slow on my setup. I thought the perf is good enough, but it looks like not enough. I'm excited to give this a try, though I wonder if there's a way to replace command tab with it instead of control tab.

This little bit of UX is seriously one of those things you notice in Windows, if you're primarily a Mac user, and go "holy shit, I'm missing out. K0SM0S 19 days ago.

How to Use a Windows PC Keyboard on Mac by Remapping Command & Option Keys

I just don't understand why MS and Apple don't steal the best stuff, it's literally 'free' as in beer, and so much more important to a good UX compared to the slew of useless features both these commercial vendors keep on piling up Things like per-window or per-app settings: - borderless - opacity - default an app to a virtual desktop, position and size, even sub-types of windows e. Don't forget always-on-top. I shouldn't have to install a new browser that does hacky things with OSX just to keep a YouTube video on top of my workspace.

Safari PiP allows this. I cannot say enough good things about chwm or yabai[0], as he now calls it , by far the best window management tool I've used on macOS. Unlike most other tools, it is instantaneous and requires no mental effort. In conjunction with skhd[1], it gives a super clean interface for you to completely control your desktop.

K0SM0S 18 days ago. In searching for a productive DE, provided you only want GUI config on the user side and can learn to juggle between settings panels, Plasma beats them all. Defaults are very close to Windows 10 rather the other way around historically but whatever , with a touch of Linux twist here and there magnet sides, feature-rich title bar menu, etc. The more advanced stuff is only necessary to maximize X real estate, aesthetics, shortcut-driven controls I strongly encourage you to spend some time with KDE's Plasma, it's inspiring regarding the 'desktop paradigm' insofar as we just want to refine, not disrupt it familiarity is a good thing for users imho.

Brometheus 19 days ago. MacOS has custom shortcuts for everything. Legogris 19 days ago. Where "everything" is a small subset of KDE's capabilities. I don't know what I'd do without it.

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Perhaps cry. Gimpei 19 days ago. Also does snapping, which I can't live without. I think the few seconds it takes to think about which app owns the window, or what text could match the window, will be longer that directly looking and visually recognizing your window. Again, this opinion is not supported by research. You may want to experiment on yourself. It is also not only about speed but the comfort of each work-flow may differ for different people. I love Contexts it has some great features.

I was over the moon to discover that it allowed me to cmd-tab to a Finder window even if it was minimised! Native macOS cmd-tab does not raise a Finder window even though the application is running. Switching between Windows of the same application without needing to resort to cmd-tilde is also nice. Lots of customisation and power user options available in the settings. This is pretty awesome. Every time I end up using a Mac normally someone else's I always struggle with the multitasking experience. This looks a lot more familiar.

Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

And on the off chance anyone reading this in Windows is also jonesing for a shortcut for closing lots of apps quickly: Ctrl alt tab: opens persistent app switcher Ctrl w: closes the current program. You can also change shortcut. Doing command-tab, then selected an app icon, then pressing down; this UX is a drill-down approach where you already know the window belongs to a particular app, and you drill-down from there. I personally prefer the Windows approach where I'm shown all windows at once, in chronological fashion, and can use my performant human vision system to quickly identify the window I'm looking for.

I believe that visual pattern matching beats other approaches such as thinking about which app is involved, typing first letters, etc. To clarify, I think that if your flow if very static, then hotkeys for you apps e. Direct access is best there. My opinion is not based on scientific studies though, it's just my own observation, so take it with a grain of salt.

Is this a way to switch between multiple windows of one app? I took out a tab of FF into a new windwo and it worked for me. I use Witch by ManyTricks for this. I refused to get a mac until someone told me about it — I find switching to a program first and then to the correct window totally insane. Interested to try this too! That's Apple for you. They should have abandoned the dumb one-menu-for-all-apps idea with the OS X transition, but nope.

That would entail learning. All I read is "blah blah blah it's not exactly the same as Windows". This entire thread exists because of people who want mac os to have a better window switching pattern.