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Repair Services. Reconditioned Tape Drives. This is similar to the set up used on many home computers, where parents designate themselves as administrators and create user access for their children in order to prevent the introduction of unwanted software. In corporate and educational settings, most or many users are not administrators. As soon as the Imation RDX docking station is connected to the USB port, the operating system will recognize and initialize the device.

Afterwards, the drive will appear as a Removable Disk on the system, and can be used exactly like a hard disk drive. Macintosh users will find the drive on their desktop after the media is inserted.

encryption - Portable encrypted USB stick - Ask Different

Within My Computer and Windows Explorer the drive will appear as a removable disk drive for Windows and Windows XP, with the drive letter designation being the first available drive letter in your folder index after drive C. Why doesn't a disk icon appear in Windows Explorer?

In Windows XP, if you have mapped shared or network drives to beginning letters i.

It is best to map all network drives to later drive letters i. To see if the operating system is seeing the drive but attempting to assign it to a drive letter already in use, perform the following steps. You will get a warning that this may cause some programs to stop running. This could happen if you have scripts directing automated actions to a specific drive letter.

The new drive letter will be assigned and will be seen as the new letter until you reboot the computer or remove the RDX docking station from the USB port. Imation's RDX cartridges have a write-protect tab that prevents the user from accidentally deleting files. To make your cartridge accessible for writing, locate the red write-protect tab located near the top right corner of the cartridge nearest to the connector.

Slide the write-protect tab away from the lock symbol, towards the unlock symbol. You will now be able to write to the cartridge. To re-engage write protection, slide the write-protect tab towards the lock symbol. Your Imation RDX cartridge comes formatted and ready to use right out of the box. If you will be using the drive exclusively with Macintosh computers, you should format the RDX cartridges in a Mac native format of your choice. Formatting a RDX cartridge will destroy all data files on the cartridge; so users should be certain that all important data are stored somewhere else before reformatting any cartridge.

This limitation may cause problems with backup software if the entire backup file exceeds 4GB. Note that USB 1. What does this indicate? If the power indicator is blinking amber after you press the eject button, the Host computer is accessing the media. The RDX docking station will eject the cartridge after the Host access completes. If the cartridge does not eject after the Host computer access completes, you may not be running the correct utility software. If the cartridge still does not eject, use Windows Explorer to eject the cartridge. F: , and select Eject.

Can Imation RDX cartridges be infected with a virus? Imation RDX cartridges can be infected with a virus if you save a virus-infected file to the unit. A virus-infected cartridge can then infect any other computer you might use with the cartridge. Avoid this problem by using anti-virus software on your computer and update it regularly with the most recent virus definitions. Can I use my existing backup software with RDX? RDX is compatible with many leading backup applications.

What causes this issue? A small metadata file needed for drive operating overhead is being inadvertently written inside the user data area on cartridges with capacities of GB or greater. This corruption may cause readback difficulty for the customer. The customer should receive the firmware from tech support or download the file. This program is shipped with all RDX units. Toll Free: Email Address:.

Can't find My External Hard Drive

Can the Imation RDX cartridge be infected with a virus? Can I use my existing backup software with my RDX system? Possible causes and remedies: Windows Explorer has not refreshed after inserting the drive Refresh the Windows Explorer by pressing the F5 key. Disconnect the RDX docking station from the computer.

Click on GO and open Applications. Select Utilities and then open Disk Utilities. Reconnect the RDX docking station with the cartridge to be formatted inserted and unlocked write-protection off. The encryption process depends on how much data you have on the USB flash drive, but you'll know it's completed when its disk icon disappears and re-mounts. You'll now be able to access the contents of the USB flash drive as usual, but if you physically detach it and re-attach it to your Mac you'll be prompted to enter the password.

Note that the prompt includes an option for macOS to remember this password in my keychain. Check the box, and whenever you attach the USB stick to your Mac again you won't be prompted to enter the password and you'll have automatic access to it, just like any other drive.

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If you ever want to decrypt the USB flash drive in future, right-click or Ctrl-click its disk icon, select Decrypt "[USB stick name]" from the contextual menu, and enter the password to turn off encryption protection. Tags: security , Encryption. Top Rated Comments View all. David G.

Heck, some of the text is grey on black; how in the world could that ever be seen as anything close to desirable for tutorials for the masses? Exactly why I came to comment. In a dark environment, with dark surroundings, I believe dark mode is awesome. In a bright context mac rumors home page for example , its just terrible. MR editors take note!! Is there a way to force this to back up to iCloud? Thanks I played around with it, and it looks like you can copy the entry from the login Keychain and paste it into the iCloud Keychain.

But instead of keeping the drive name, it changes it to the UUID of the drive. I right clicked and copied it from login then right clicked and pasted in iCloud Keychain and it made the new entry you see here in the iCloud Keychain.

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Presumably this would sync along with everything else in the iCloud Keychain. I have not tested if you delete this entry from login Keychain if this iCloud entry will unlock the drive. Westside guy. Emanuel Rodriguez. The only caveat is that it depends on how full the disk is.

How to Create a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Installation USB Drive

APFS doesn't need to make extra room, though. Dark mode is beautiful! One thing I like about Mac OS is the ease of encrypting personal data. Can you encrypt a spinning external hard drive, after it is full of data? Guides Powerbeats Pro Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds.

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