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Transfer files between PC and Android: Wi-Fi network
  1. Synchronize Android with Mac wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth
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  3. OpenMTP | Android File Transfer for macOS
  4. How To Use Android File Transfer
Android Transfer

Select the Download option from the three-dot more icon in the top right corner. Return to the main file manager and access the other Download folder from the connected source device. Users will find the file downloaded from the other device in this folder. Users may get the devices connected but may want to share files from the other device to the connected source device.

Synchronize Android with Mac wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth

This is also possible using the file manager on the connected source. Find the file users wish to share from the connected source files. Select the file with a long press, then select Copy to from the three-dot more icon in the top right corner. Select the Menu tab in the top left corner and select the other smartphone. This will take users to the field of the other device.

Select the folder to copy the file to and users will find the file in this folder. Once the transfer is done, simply unplug the devices from the cable to end the connection.

How to Transfer Files From Mac to Android Phone

Installing Android File Transfer App. Connecting an Android smartphone to a Mac computer. Unlock the Android smartphone and connect it to a Mac computer or MacBook with a compatible cable. Select Transfer files on the smartphone and close the prompt on the computer.

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This should close and reopen the Android File Transfer app automatically. Sharing files between Android and Mac. Users will see all the files from the Android smartphone in the Android File Transfer window. Select the files for transfer.

OpenMTP | Android File Transfer for macOS

Users must manually drag and drop the files they want to share from the Android File Transfer app to the Mac desktop. Similarly, users can drag and drop files from the Mac computer into the Android File Transfer app. Users will want to drag and drop into a specific folder to ensure easy access on the smartphone. Disconnecting an Android smartphone from a Mac computer. Using a Mac computer. Sharing from Android to Mac to iOS. Sharing from iOS to Mac to Android. Using Cloud Storage.

How To Use Android File Transfer

Setting up Google services on iOS. This can be done with a non-Google email if users do not wish to set up Gmail.

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Sharing Google services between iOS and Android. Access or create a document using, for example, Google Drive. Access the three-dot menu tab in the right-hand corner of the screen. Select Add people and type in the name or email address of the Android or iOS recipient. Select the send button, located next to the menu tab and represented by a paper plane icon.

Connecting an Android to a Windows PC. However, many Windows computers will have standard USB 2. Unlock the Android smartphone and connect the cable to both devices. The Windows computer will show a prompt indicating the phone has been connected. Tap this option to open the file manager. Since Google Drive comes pre-installed on Android, we'd recommend that as your first stop especially considering the unlimited storage space.

However, if you're more familiar with Dropbox, feel free to use that: it's a very close second. Email is often the go-to solution for quickly sharing photos or documents with friends and co-workers, and for good reason. It may be getting a little long in the tooth, but emailing yourself the desired attachments is still a great way to swap files between your PC and your Android device. Be warned that, depending on the email service you use, there may be a cap to how much you can send.

Of course this is okay for word documents or the odd music file, but don't expect to be able to send hours of video footage easily. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Secondary menu.

Google Android. Alphr 2 Oct Read more about: Technology. If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers. This is a special program that you must install on your Mac in order for it to have the right drivers to communicate with your Samsung Galaxy device. To get started, follow the steps below:. You can now start moving files between the two devices. Another good way to move files from Samsung to Mac is by using Smart Switch. This is an official application built by Samsung to make it convenient to transfer photos, contacts, messages, and more between devices.

Before you try to use Smart Switch to move files from Samsung to Mac, you want to make sure that your computer is compatible.