Why is my imessage on mac inactive

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Thanks to mluisbrown for sleuthing this one out. There is, however, a roundabout way to get the job done; here's how to do it: First off, just to see the problem, open Messages and open Preferences in the Messages menu in the top left. Click on the Accounts tab and note the shaded out minus sign when your Apple ID account is highlighted. Newest iPhone FAQs. What are Apple AirTags? What is Deep Fusion on the iPhone? I upgraded to osX Rebooted a couple of times.

My iPhone and iPad are updated to I have enabled imessages in icloud in ios.

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I have 2 factor authentication turned on on all devices. Do the previously synced messages are deleted or they stay on that Mac? I have one question.

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Since I activated the 2nd Mac it happened that I have some Messages on one Mac that never appeared on the second one. I used to always keep my iphone messages empty, when I realized they were correctly stored on my Mac.

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If that would work, is it possible to disable iMessage in the cloud and keep all the messages finally hoping fixed on my Macs? Or disabling it will permanently delete them in all my devices? Thanks for this. Same here, I updated to Well the reason you do not have the setting is that because Mac OS X You need macOS Really Is there any way how to just hide the message thread from the list on iOS? I want to be able to fina messages history but not to see it on list.

And PS Can someone please explain to me what the difference is between using what we have had as regards messages syncing across devices vs the new Cloud syncing. Is it simply the difference of where the messages are stored: on the device old way or in the cloud new option? The new system is more complete.

How to enable Messages in iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Complete synchronization. I have updated to High Sierra I had an iTunes update, then MacOS update ran after it. Updated my iPhone to Without iCloud and the newest os versions it will not be an option. I, too, have I am up-to-date on all apps.

iMessage Inactive - Apple Community

Not a biggie for me so maybe either This has worked for me, though I only enabled keychain for iCloud on my Mac. Its syncing fine now with my iPhone and my iPad Pro.

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Yes, yes, yes! This was so incredibly frustrating.

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I have been searching for this answer for a week. Thank you. Name required. Well, folks, these were some of the tips that you might wanna opt for to fix your long persisting problem.

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One of these will surely fix your problem. The iBulletin. Add Comment. You may also like. May 1, About the author. View All Posts. Comment Share This!