System requirements mac os 10.8

Reinstalling Mountain Lion
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Don't show this again. Computers Mac OS X Unfortunately Apple has not yet officially released the system requirements for the new OS, but the developer release that is being issued to members of its Mac development community does contain a list of supported devices: It appears that this list leaves out a few systems that currently do run Lion, which include the following: MacBook Pro from late models 2,1 and 2,2 MacBook from late through late models 2,1 and 3,1 Mac Mini from mid model 2,1 Your Mac's model can be found in the system profiler utility.

Screenshot by Topher Kessler To find the specific model number for your system, go to the system profiler utility called System Information in Lion , highlight the Hardware section, and read the Model Identifier string should be the second listing down from the top.

Mac OS X This is totally normal and should have been phased out long ago. Anyone who bought a 32bit machine should have known they were going to do this eventually.

Mac OS X 10.8 requirements omit more Intel Macs

Nothing is going to hurt software development since it will only require You will just miss out on a totally bit environment. Big deal, get over it!! This post says Looking back at the history of Apple we see that this is not the first time, but that the company […]. If mountain lion does not work on a macbook 2. Pc will become the champ. If they do this i will be very disappointed and will think about getting a pc for less money. Ok — so you have a 4 year old — perhaps even 5 year old computer by the time ML is out and you insist on having the latest OS from Apple working on it.

You can continue to use Lion for probably another 2 years before Apple stops supporting Lion — so that gives you 7 years of OS support on a computer.

If you were an Apple shareholder, do you think thats a good use of resources? And yes, please go ahead and buy a PC and see how long that lasts in the upgrade cycle — or how much you will get for it after a month of purchase in the second hand market.

If you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro, or even an iMac, you are going to eventually have obsolete junk, as these are not generally upgradeable apart from memory modules, unlike the Mac PC or Windows PC, which can have their internals exchanged. You pays your money and makes your choice at the initial purchase time.

How you find your Mac Model

I think this is where Apple nails the whole lot! Tue Jun 7 I have a Mac Pro server from Thanks for this page. I have an iMac that is from , so that one will work. Thu Jan 12 Anyone know how to configure such a system to boot in bit mode? OSX Anything with an Intel GMA or x […]. Tomorrow will install Hackintosh, obviously….. What in the world does this mean?? This really stinks that apple is killing all these machines even mac pros not all of us are made of money i have a used macbook and macpro and now apple wants to make them absolete this is not good even some models will not work.

Apple really sucks with this new OS its been down hill since mountain lion I might go back to PCs if apple keeps this up I have been a mac user since I purchased a used MacBook Pro mid 13 inch to keep my network current. For all those people telling you to buy a new machine.

Mac OS X requirements omit more Intel Macs - CNET

Get real. Life expectancy is getting longer and product use expectancy is getting shorter. And your comparison with a moving part hard drive is just nonsense. We buy a 4k to 8k computer to make it easy to replace those parts but not the main machine. It would be just as easy for apple to make ML work on older makes but they want to make people update their notebooks sucking Mac Pro users into the hole. Way back when PC first entered the user market, their prices dropped as their sales increased but apple just pocketed all the money.

What You Need to Run OS X Mountain Lion on Your Mac

One could argue that it is a conflict of interest making OS and selling the only computers that run them. I have a Mac Pro, still running Snow Leopard. Guess they hope to make W S happy by forcing people who want the latest upgrades to bin their 5 year old laptops for the newest and greatest. My plan was to then upgrade to Lion the latest version that my machine is capable of running at the App Store, but I see that it is no longer available. I guess I am out of luck and will have to stick with Snow Leopard for the rest of the life of this machine.

Anyone who meets the system requirements will be able to update to Mac OS X I skipped from Leopard to Mountain Lion. Not all programs work instantly. Just depends what your computing requirements are and how much of an apple fanboy you feel you need to be. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

How To Upgrade Your Mac to MacOS Sierra

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