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  2. Punch Out Mike Tyson Vs Little Mac Bead Sprite
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Using these 3 cheats combined sure does make the game easier to take on! Some of us might be familiar with the inbuilt cheat where you can mash select after a round ends to regain energy. Unfortunately this can only be done once per game.

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This time you will be doing the punching, and racking up some serious points in the process. Hitting Glass Joe in the guts sure ends up messy!

Plus you get some demonic green eyed Mario watching you…. If breaking the game is more your style then boy do we have some codes for you. There are a couple of codes that mess with the colour palette in the game. Feel free to try and mess around with these codes to see what colour combos you can find!

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  • The Evolution of Punch-Out!! - Stone Age Gamer.
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The title screen is broken, opponents go from small to big to totally distorted. It is fun to see a mini Glass Joe though. If you want a messed up game that is still somewhat playable, then this is the code for you! Want to play the game like a real boxer? This code will have you seeing triple the opponents!

Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Little Mac - The Models Resource

The game still plays like normal but your fighting buddy will be flying all over the screen. There are a couple of Mario related Game Genie codes hiding as well. Speaking of fight, with the weird code YOZEAK you can cruise through the entire game by winning by split decision without actually fighting! For some reason it is in black and white after the first round too, but if you want to watch the entire game just sit back and hit start when required and off you go!

Some of the other codes let you change your status. These range from the code which gives you the status WVBA minor championship, all the way to a Mike Tyson status by entering You must be logged in to post a comment. This is fantastic.

Punch Out Mike Tyson Vs Little Mac Bead Sprite

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